Guided tour of the historic sites of Dadan & Jabal Ikmah (with hotel transfer as an optional extra) - Al Ula

Guided tour of the historic sites of Dadan & Jabal Ikmah (with hotel transfer as an optional extra) - Al Ula

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The Lion Tombs in Dadan
The thousands of inscriptions engraved in the rock at Jabal Ikmah
Discovering Al Ula's must-see archaeological sites
Commentary from your guide

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Enjoy a guided tour of the historic sites of Dadan & Jabal Ikmah during your stay in Al Ula!

You'll meet your guide in Dadan, also known as Lihyan, for your first visit. Governed by a succession of kings based in the Al Ula valley, Dadan quickly became one of the region's major cities. The archaeological site includes a necropolis carved out of the mountain, whose two famous Lion Tombs, as well as the foundations of the kingdom's capital, bear witness to the city's wealth. 

You'll then continue your tour with a visit to Jabal Ikmah, a mountain to the north of the Al Ula valley. At the entrance to the canyon that leads up the mountain, you'll see thousands of pieces of graffiti and inscriptions carved into the soft rock by travellers passing through Dadan. The inscriptions are written in all the languages that were used during ancient times: Aramaic, Dadanitic, Safaitic, Thamudic, Minaic and Nabataean.

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  • Availability: every day (except under exceptional circumstances)
  • Meet-up time and place: 9am or 3.30pm at your hotel in Al Ula or at the central meet-up point at Winter Park near Al Ula (the exact pick-up time will be confirmed after booking)
  • Please note, if you choose the central meet-up point, you'll have to get there on your own
  • We advise you to wear shoes suitable for walking, and modest clothing that covers the body
  • A minimum of 2 participants is required to book

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  • The visit to Dadan & Jabal Ikmah
  • The services of and commentary by an English-speaking guide
  • Transport from/to your hotel in Al Ula (only if you choose the option)

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  • Tips
  • Any other extras



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